Bodega Glasses
Bodega Glasses
Bodega Glasses
Bodega Glasses

Bodega Glasses

Size Small - 7.5oz

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We really love these glasses!! They're durable, yet elegant, and don't etch in the dishwasher.  They are also easy to store as they are stackable.

Crafted of tempered glass, these bodega glasses have a simple, clean design that works well for the everyday, and is perfect for entertaining. The small glasses are used all over Spain and Italy as casual wine glasses.

22.5 cl - 7 1/2 oz
h 59 mm - 2 1/4"
Ø 82 mm - 3 1/4"

35.5 cl - 12 oz
Height 89.5 mm | 3 1/2"
Ø 85 mm | 3 1/4"

50.5 cl - 17 oz
Height 120 mm | 4 3/4"
Ø 88.5 mm | 3 1/2"

Made in Italy

Dishwasher Safe

Tempered Glass - The toughening technology (rapid surface cooling), acting on the glass molecular structure, makes the products particularly resistant to impact (up to 2,5 times more than non-toughened glass) and thermal shock. The toughenong technology makes products highly-safe for intensive use.

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